City Walk is a network of connected urban landscape spaces enhancing the everyday life of the city

The neighborhoods of Providence can be better connected to each other. There can be more safe and attractive places where we can take our children out to walk and bike. City Walk is a step in that direction.

City Walk connects eight Providence neighborhoods via a network of pedestrian spaces and bicycle routes.

City Walk is about improving equitable access to urban assets. Connecting these assets can:

  1. Support community initiatives,
  2. Celebrate neighborhood character,
  3. Advance economic development,
  4. Generate new public spaces, and
  5. Promote green infrastructure

Imagine a network of open spaces, parks, courtyards, plazas, bridges and sidewalks linking two sides of the “most walkable city in the nation.” That’s City Walk.

City Walk springs from the idea that reconnecting Providence will improve daily life and ensure easy access to the city’s natural and man-made assets for everyone.

Along its more than 7.36-mile route lies a wealth of experiences, interesting places, lively places to shop, grab a cup of coffee, sample intriguing food from around the world and have fun.

City Walk takes you through the Fox Point, Down City, Jewelry District, West End, Upper South Providence, Lower South Providence, Elmwood and Washington Park neighborhoods. As it develops over time, new links will be made to intersecting bike and walking routes and to historic places and other attractions in nearby neighborhoods.

Signage will point the way. Places to pause en route will be identified and supplied with benches and greenery. With wider sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes wherever possible.

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