Knight Memorial Library

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Knight Memorial Library

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The Providence Community Library provides gems of cultural activity in neighborhoods throughout Providence. On Elmwood Ave, the Knight Memorial Library is an important community resource. The streetscape, landscaping, and programming around the library could do more to highlight the centrality of this historic building and what it has to offer.

Design Recommendations

Knight Library annotated

Knight Library ideas

  1. Promote events. Book sale / Safe routes to schools / After school activities
  2. Establish “School Zone” with reduced vehicle speed limits, signage, pedestrian priority crosswalks, and lighting.
  3. Safer street crossing. Enhance crosswalks at Princeton Ave, Moore St., and Daboll St. with traffic calming ramps, flashing beacons, and bolder wider crosswalks. Paint and/or install textured pavement to the entire roadway from Princeton Ave. to Moore Street to distinguish it as a continuous crosswalk.

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