Riverwalk & Wickenden Street Crossing

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Riverwalk & Wickenden Street Crossing

Riverwalk point street

The City Walk route at Wickenden Street / Point Street Bridge has several potential scenarios. All utilize crossing Wickenden St. at S. Water St. as it is the only safe crossing location. The fourth scenario provides an intermittent, tide dependent alternative to the S. Water St. crossing. Rough calculations indicate that this option is viable.

  1. The continuity of Riverwalk is the most ideal scenario along the waterfront section of the route.
  2. A floating boardwalk that bypasses the existing obstructed walkway.
  3. City Walk is on South India Street off of the waterfront.
  4. A floating under pass low tide alternative to the Wickenden St. crossing at S. Water St.

Riverwalk point street photos

Design recommendations

  1. Continuity of Riverwalk
  2. Further explore potential of floating boardwalk
  3. Insure park connections and street crossings are clearly defined and well marked for City Walk continuity

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