Trinity Square & Grace Cemetery

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Trinity Square & Grace Cemetery

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Trinity Square has such cultural potential. It is home to the Southside Cultural Center, historic Trinity United Methodist Church, and the Trinity Square Theater, it sits at the junction of the two primary corridors through South Providence, it hosts two R-line stops, and the spectacular Grace Cemetery.

But it needs some love, especially the Cemetery. Sidewalks and pedestrian paths are deteriorating and uninviting. There is potential for so much more programming of the space than currently occurs. And crossing the busy Elmwood & Broad Streets is intimidating at best and hazardous at worst. The City should work with community groups in the Square to make more connections so that all its wonderful cultural offerings are more accessible to more people!

Potential programming examples

Trinity Sq views

  • Farmers markets
  • seasonal craft and gift vendor shows
  • flea markets
  • live music
  • international food & cultural events

Design Recommendations

  1. Access. Improve access and walkways throughout
  2. Programming. Enhance areas for year-round programming
  3. Further investigate the viability of constructing a Columbarium wall & improved walkway along the southern perimeter of Grace Cemetery.

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